Walk n' Roll:

Thanks to all who participated in Walk N’ Roll this school year!

We look forward to more fun Walk N‘ Roll days next year!

If you are interested in volunteering on one of our Walk N Roll days (we do about 7-9 per school year, usually on Talley Rally days), please email (Elizabeth Ingram).

Questions? Please email Elizabeth Ingram at:

Talley's Safe Routes to School Updates:


Please *AVOID* parking on nearby Shadowmoor. This is the main pedestrian path to Talley for almost all of the Winnona park neighborhood. This narrow street which many of our walking/biking students currently have to use to Talley, has no sidewalks so students must walk on the street.

If bus riding, carpooling or walking from home is not an option, please consider parking in a less pedestrian congested area nearby like Fellini’s, the old Ace Hardware on E. College or off Sams St., or wherever you can find to reduce cars near the bustling Columbia/ Shadowmoor/Talley St. intersection during drop-off/ pick-up times. This will get you in & out faster and with less car idling!

-SRTS MAP UPDATE for our Clairemont Ave./Ponce Place/Wilton area Talley families!

A new connection route has been added to the SRTS map connecting Clairemont Ave. to Glenwood Elementary via Ponce de Leon Ave.Average walk is 30-40 mins. Consider this alternate option to the bus some days!We encourage EVERYONE to form walking or biking groups in your neighborhood!

*Email us ( pictures of your walking/biking group and/or we’re happy to post emails/links to contact your neighbor-created group to help nearby parents connect!

Want to try out the bus? :



Safe Routes To School is a Decatur wide program focused on getting students safely to school (yay walking! yay school buses! yay carpool!) and linking all CSD schools with resources from City of Decatur Active Living, Georgia Commute Options, Clear Air Campaign and Georgia's Safe Routes to School Resource Center.

Please click on the links below for helpful SRTS tips and information:

Safety Tips walking or Biking

Walk and Roll Safety Tips Video by ASAP Group - Grady High School

How Drivers See Pedestrians at Night Video. An experiment by GA Safe Routes to School

Safe Routes to School of Georgia

Georgia Safe Routes to School Resource Center 

Halloween Safety Tips

Emily Beard and Elizabeth Ingram are our Safe Routes to School representatives for Talley this year. Questions? Send us an email at