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A HUGE Talley Tiger SHOUT OUT to all of our amazing Readers! We read a grand total of 70,690 minutes from 10/9-10/16! We got so close to our school wide goal of 75,000 minutes! It was a great week finding fun ways to read and sharing about our favorite book characters! If you have photos you would like to add to the Media Center Reading Rally Padlet, it’s not too late to upload them. You can also email them to Ms. Long at along@csdecatur.net. The Favorite Book Character FlipGrid is also still open for new videos. We’d love to have pictures of your child participating in the Reading Rally for the yearbook. Please email them to yearbook@talleypto.org

We exceeded our $5,000 fundraising goal and have raised $7,952.25 so far! Please continue to reach out to your sponsors to let them know your total number of minutes read and that they can make a donation according to their per-minute pledge!

Thank you all for joining us to celebrate reading and support the PTO! Your generosity with your time and finances are deeply appreciated. An extra special SHOUT OUT goes to Ms. Long in the Media Center and all of our wonderful teachers who have set class reading goals and encouraged our students to read, read, read!

Talley PTO Equity Series

The Talley Street PTO Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee is sponsoring a series for parents and faculty entitled: The Myths of Racism and Beyond: Personal and Community Reflections. 

Whether you are a social justice champion or wrestling with these topics for the first time, this workshop will help all of us deepen our understanding of racism and strengthen our commitment to action.

Through independent individual reflections in a personal
 journal and group sessions reflecting as a community once a month, our Talley community will examine the power of race and discuss its impact across racial lines. Everyone is invited to provide their voice, perspective, and experiences with the power of race.

The series will cover the article “The 10 Myths White People Believe About Racism,” with a paired bite-sized reading and short racial equity video assigned each month.

The series will include time for independent individual reflections through a personal journal and time for community reflections during group discussions once a month. Community Reflections will be Thursdays 8-9pm on Zoom on the following dates: October 29, November 19, January 21, February 25, March 18, April 22, and May 13.

If you are unable to attend all sessions, you can work through the personal reflections on your own and join the community reflections as you can. 

To join, please fill out this Google form. Email CSD parent and co-facilitator Charlie Copp (charlesdcopp@gmail.com) with any questions.

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